We offer the following therapies:

Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique arrived in Britain from Australia in 1993. It is gentle but precise, non-manipulative and relaxing and encourages the body to heal itself; relief of symptoms can usually be noted very quickly, and often only three treatments are needed to make a real difference. A 45 minute appointment is recommended for maintenance, with a 60 minute initial treatment. My people find it beneficial to continue with monthly treatments when the initial problem s sorted, and this often prevents a return of similar problems.
A Bowen Technique treatment affects the body in ways which prompt healing, pain relief and recovery of energy. The experience of the treatment is gentle, subtle and relaxing and it is these features which make the Bowen Technique so unique, and all who practice it are continuously amazed at the effectiveness of this simple form of hands on therapy.

Common presenting problems include back and neck pain, knee problems, sports injuries, RSI, frozen shoulder and sciatica, as well as chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, PMR, headaches, hay fever and stress-related conditions.

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR)

There are tens of thousands of women who have undergone abdominal surgeries - Caesarean Sections, hysterectomies, “tummy tucks” and so on - who have been left in constant pain which cannot be diagnosed, or an accurate diagnosis cannot be determined. Other types of abdominal surgery such as appendectomy may also have left painful scarring.

They may suffer from numbness across the scar or a feeling of the upper and lower half of their bodies being disconnected. Many women endure persistent pain because of this scarring. This is ruining lives!

Many women around the country have been treated for these kind of problems with MSTR and the results are simply amazing. The pain and numbness reduces in minutes - even if the scars have been there many years. This can also apply to internal scarring, which you may not be able to see clearly, but is definitely felt. One treatment MAY be all that is needed for huge improvements to be felt.

Many people have surgery, or accidents, and forget about their scars. They may give them problems at first – they may be raised and red, sore and ugly, or numb, but over the years they fade and are put to the back of the person’s mind. When I ask clients if they have scars, I’m often told no, or assured that they have been there many years and can’t possibly be causing a problem, and get sceptical looks when I suggest they may be involved with their current problem.

Of course, not only women have scars – scars result from surgery of all kinds; I have recently worked with a gentleman who had extensive back surgery, with the operation site opened up twice due to infection, causing a deep scar with numbness all round. After several treatments the tissue around the scar was no longer numb, and the colour changed from bright, raw looking red to a paler pink. This was three years after the surgery, and the changes happened over just a couple of weeks.

Another common problem that can be dramatically helped by MSTR is Plantar Fasciitis – a debilitating problem which causes severe pain when walking, and is often described to me as “like walking on broken glass”. One treatment often gives huge relief – often 95% is the level quoted to be at a second treatment.

Not to mention knee and hip replacements – these scars have also responded well to MSTR, and given more freedom of movement, usually felt immediately

ART Reflexology

ART Reflexology was developed by Tony Porter in 1985; rather than the more usual relaxation therapy it has developed into a focussed and robust healing treatment.

Reflexology is a specialised foot massage which is generally used for relaxation. ART Reflexology offers a more focussed, robust and therapeutic treatment in a shorter time - treatments are generally 30 minutes long, but a 15 minute treatment can be very effective if you are short of time.

A wide range of conditions have been shown to be effectively treated with ART Reflexology.

Daoyin Tao®

Daoyin Tao® originated in 2002, and uses slow, gentle, flowing massage techniques combined with specific work on a variety of carefully selected points on the face, neck and shoulders and, optionally, on the back. Optimum benefit is usually gained from three to four sessions on a weekly basis, followed by monthly treatments. A 45 minute appointment is recommended.

Daoyin Tao® has shown itself to:

• Rebalance body rhythms

• Reduce stress

• Decongest and detoxify

• Alleviate pain

• Reduce stiffness and muscle tension

• Positively influence secondary conditions elsewhere in the body

• Provide support to all levels of holistic healing

• Provide lasting benefit

With few contra-indications, Daoyin Tao® has a great deal of healing potential, whether you seek deep relaxation or assistance with the management of particular health concerns.

Daoyin Tao can be adapted to whole body treatments:

Or try one of the following variations of Daoyin Tao!

  • Daoyin Tao® Back Bliss

    A relaxing massage to balance your energy and your chakras

    45 minute appointment

  • Daoyin Tao® with Back/Legs

    Chinese face, neck and shoulder treatment, with added back or leg massage – 45 minute appointment or 1 hour appointment (recommended)   

The Ultimate Facial

The ultimate facial is just what it says – a Daoyin Tao face, neck and shoulder massage, alongside a facial using our own Naturally Smart Skincare. Your face will be expertly massaged, after being gently cleansed, exfoliated, moisturised and treated with products which will be chosen to benefit your skin type.

The ultimate treat!

Hopi Ear Candles

A balancing and relaxing treatment to ease congestion.